British Canoeing Courses

British Canoeing (BC) is the lead body for canoeing and kayaking in the UK.

Over the last ten years the organisation has grown considerably, and the range of canoeing opportunity has increased tremendously.

The Scottish Canoe Association is the recognised governing body of canoeing and kayaking in Scotland, helping to deliver the BC courses and qualifications. All Explore Highland guides and coaches are members of the Scottish Canoe Association and if not currently at the top level, they are nearly there and are involve in delivering these courses on a regular basis throughout the country!

What this means is simply – when attending any of our courses you are guaranteed a great course, quality equipment and very useful feedback and a number of short and long term goals to work on.

BC Courses we run regularly:

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  • BC 1 Star Course – delivered as our ‘Introduction to Paddling’ day courses
  • BC 2 Star Canoe & Kayak Training/Assessment

If you don’t find the course you are looking for on our diary page, please email us.

BCU Courses we run annually or on request for groups or clubs:

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  • BCU 3 Star Open Canoe Training
  • BCU 3 Star WW Kayak Training
  • BCU 3 Star Sea Kayak Training
  • BCU 3 Star Touring Canoe or Kayak Training
  • BCU 3 Star Assessments
  • Foundation Safety & Rescue Training
  • White Water Safety & Rescue
  • Coastal Navigation & Tidal Planning

To register your interest in any of the above courses, please email us.

BCU courses we can recommend:

Due to lack of demand nationally, we currently don’t offer the courses listed below however we can help point you in the direction of those who do:

  • BCU 4 Star Training/Assessments in Canoe, Kayak or Sea
  • BCU 5 Star Training/Assessments in Canoe, Kayak or Sea
  • UKCC Level 1 Coaching Award
  • UKCC Level 2 Coaching Award
  • Advanced White Water Safety & Rescue
  • Open Water Navigation & Tidal Planning

To find out more where you can undertake the courses listed above, why not take a look at the SCA website on their course calendar, or contact us for further advice.