Equipment Hire

At Explore Highland we love outfitting individuals and groups to ensure you are fully equiped whether for a day or a week in the Scottish Highlands.

We offer paddlers only the best hire equipment so that you can truly enjoy your paddling experience, with a wide range of Vango tents to thee best Peak UK paddling kit.

The main camping & cooking hire equipment items available are listed below.

Included with kayak hireA river paddle, neoprene spray deck, buoyancy aid and helmet. Group leaders can also request a throw bag
Included with canoe hireA canoe paddle plus spare, buoyancy aid, a helmet, a bailer & sponge, a 60ltr dry back pack per person. For the Great Glen Canoe Trail we also include a folding portage trolley and a 60ltr barrel per canoe.
Included with sea kayak hireA two piece sea paddle, neoprene spray deck, a buoyancy aid and a sponge. For the Great Glen Canoe Trail we also include a sea kayak portage trolley. Group leaders can also request a bilge pump, 15m towline and a spare set of split paddles

Loch Ness wild camping

Wild camping by Loch Ness

Chargeable ExtrasDescriptionCost
Toilet KitIncludes a trowel, hand soap and tissue for when you need to go in the wild£POA
Sailing KitsDownwind sailing kit includes a set of canoe poles and a down wind canoe sail£POA
Canoe PolesSteel two section canoe poles£POA
TentsA range of 2 or 3 person dome tunnel tents£POA
Sleeping Roll MatsThick foam roll mats to keep you warm and comfortable£POA
Stoves & AccessoriesDouble burner self standing stoves for use with coleman gas. Pots and pans also available£POA
Kelly KettleGreat way to boil water and cook in the great outdoors Great way to boil water and cook in the great outdoors£POA

Please add your cooking & camping equipment requirements to your boat hire enquire form. Use the additional comments section at the bottom of each hire boat page. We can then include this