There may be no paddling activities being run however unraveling and canceling all bookings made for March and the first fortnight of April is a time-consuming task in itself.
Over the season I have the pleasure to deliver paddling activities to between 600-800 people through individual and group bookings. 2020 bookings were picking up nice in February, however, from the start of March, all enquiries and bookings just stopped as the extent of the virus became clearer.
I’m currently working through a list of nearly 100 booked clients whom I am trying to contact individually to retain great customer care and offer rebook/postponing their activities.
So far all clients have been absolutely fantastic and sympathetic. My main aim is to contact everyone booked into the forthcoming period of closedown, which I have now extended to Sunday 12th April.
I am hopefully by early next week I will also have contacted and updated all clients booked in for the rest of April & May.
The aim by the end of next week is to have contacted everyone booked in for the 2020 season and keep everyone informed. All we can do is wait until things have improved.
Stay strong, stay positive, and look forward to your next paddling adventure!