Contact Donald

Due to the nature of this business (coaching/guiding/shuttling), it is often difficult to contact Donald during the working day. He also regularly guided expeditions in remote parts of the Scottish Highlands where there is little to no signal. He also does receive many emails and calls on a daily basis, so please be aware there may be a delay in responding to enquiries due to prebooked commitments.

Please note that the Explore Highland office is NOT staffed and only open for pre-booked activities/or by prior arrangement.

By Phone

As a sole trader, the delivery of prebooked activities including coaching/guiding/driving takes priority and keeps me busy 8am-8pm during peak season March to September. This means I’m rarely able to accept incoming telephone calls during the day and only a small window of opportunity to listen to voicemails and reply before my 9 pm watershed should I have a signal at all. Please please email where possible.

By Conference Call

To help save international call charges for clients, conference calls can be arranged. Please email Donald you enquiry, suitable time to chat, plus your Skype, Google Hangout or WhatsApp account name/number for this to be arranged.

  • Skype Group Call: Up to 50 people
  • Google Hangout Group Call: 100 people
  • WhatsApp Group Call: Up to 4 people

By Email

For bookings, please complete the see the appropriate form below as this will collect all the information required and speed up your booking process.

For general enquiries, please email with as much detail to ensure a quick response –