Namaste my paddling friends.

Yes, it is affecting us too as a small leisure & tourism business in the Scottish Highlands. After all the months of planning and preparing for the season ahead, a lot of that work is now having to be undone due to cancellations from overseas clients unable to travel.

I do feel sorry for those affected or with restrictions placed on them by their governments, but we all have to comply accordingly and try to reflect on “Hakuna Matata”, however in reality, not so easily done.

Thankfully at this time, just looking at the latest report of the sixty confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Scotland, no cases are within Highland region – yet. Us Highlanders are a tough breed! 

At Explore Highland it is business as usual. Being outside in the fresh Scottish Highland air, exercising, and staying happy & healthy is what it’s all about!

With additional steps in place to minimise contact, proximity, and possibility of spread, a great Highland paddling adventure is still guaranteed.

Some of our additional steps include:
^ Clear prior communication with all clients attending to ensure full health and fitness for participation,
^ Meeting outdoors at the paddling venue where appropriate to reduce being in close proximity to non-friends and family within minibus,
^ Additional health & safety advice added to the group briefing at start of each session/trip,
^ Hand sanitiser available for all throughout each trip,
^ Ensuring all equipment is thoroughly cleaned before and after use,
^ All personal kit supplied is washed and disinfected and not reused within 72 hours.

Unless contacted directly, it’s business as usual. We are still taking bookings for the full season and looking forward to paddling with new and returning customers.

It’s crystal clear from the sudden drop in bookings and overseas enquiries that Covid-19 is affecting everyone. Alas, even the experts don’t know how long this may last. All we can do is act responsibly in the here and now, and deal with things as they arise. As a paddlesports coach, we are great at that anyway.

For those planning on traveling/booking from abroad or for a longer multiday adventure, we always advise ensuring you have your own holiday insurance policy which covers you for any eventualities outwith our control.

Should Explore Highland be unable to deliver on any bookings in the near future, as per the terms & conditions, a full booking refund or rebooking is offered.

For locals looking for some paddling fun and adventure this Easter, here’s 15% off any half-day “PADDLE” trip, when booking two or more places online. There are still some dates available for family or private guided group outings.

2020 Paddle Flyer

Our thoughts go out to those infected, including their friends & families at this worrying time. However, the best thing we can do is stay positive and fingers crossed we can all weather out this virus soon and get back to doing what we all love.

Do get in touch if you have any questions or queries, via email or our new live website messenger. Happy to offer any help and advice where possible!