Product Description

  • Use with any board, interchangeable D-Ring and rail saver can attach easily to paddle boards
  • Ideal length 7mm dual cord 10ft leash and pivot points to reduce twist and tangling in the water
  • Featuring quick release loop for unsafe situations and integrated key pouch on neoprene cuff
  • Comfortable and easy to use ankle cuff, made from durable neoprene

Designed for people who want to get out into the surf.

The 7mm dual cord 10ft leash has two stainless steel pivot points to avoid tangling and an interchangeable heavy duty neoprene cuff which can be attached to your ankle or calf. The cuff has a loop for quick release as well as an integrated storage pouch. 

At the other end there is a rail saver and a piece of string which you can use to attach the leash to any board, alternatively you can remove this and attach the leash directly to the D-ring on the back of the board