Taking away happy memories is all part of your Explore Highland experience. I regularly take photos out on the water to capture the action and some great memories of your paddles. These photos are literally taken randomly when able and shot from the hip, so don’t expect any professional shots.


All photos take during Explore Highland our clients are welcome to on the basis that our clients are also happy for them to be used for the website and marketing also.

If you would prefer not to have your photo taken and not have any photos featuring you used on the website and for marketing, please do let Donald know at kit brief your photo preference.

Forwarding Photos to Clients

New for 2023, all photos will be forwarded to the group via WhatsApp. This will be done within 7 days in peak season (but most of the time it will  24-48 hours).

Lost your Trip Photos

If you missed the opportunity to download your photos from past years, Donald does keep all historic trip photos. Please do email along with the date of your trips and will look out the photos for your.